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For your quality, top aviation schools education, choose our school. We celebrate over a decade of quality training in Aviation. We proud ourselves of a comprehensive and well-equipped fleet of more than 20 training aircraft. We also own an aircraft with many Garmin instruments. With such levels of instrumentation, our student’s training is the highest in standards with top preparation for their airline career. Our aircraft is well maintained to highest safety standards by our dedicated team of the in-house maintenance crew.  There is no compromise in the whatsoever case when it comes to flights safety.

Our key aim is to provide top notch training in aviation program for all the students. We have a great vision to be the top college offering aviation programs which deliver standardized flight training program; thus producing 1st class and world class pilots.

Why should one study in our top aviation school:

Many have chosen our institution because of various reasons. Some of the key reasons includes;

• We offer best facilities with world class technology.

• We are the top and the largest aviation school with students from all over the world

• We have a good number of training planes of the latest models.

• We have well trained and qualified multinational teaching staff

• We offer the best-in-class faculty

• We are fully licensed and qualified

• Our graduates are landing on leading aviation jobs locally and internationally.

• We are very focused when it comes to safety

• We have the ability to fly actual instrumental rating

• We are dynamic in the management system

• We have embraced modern technology in our aviation course

A glimpse looks at the courses we offer

We have a good number of the professional pilot program. Our programs are designed to provide prospective airline pilots with solid foundations which are essential for a reputable career in aviation. Some of the top courses that we offer include:

• Private pilot license course

• Commercial pilot license course

• Instrument flight rating course

• Multi Engine rating course

• Aviation English course

For any inquiry, contact our representatives. Choose us as we are one of the top aviation schools in the USA.

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